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 [TRANS] 110303 3HREE VOICES Staff Account 2

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Admin alwayzjjlover
Admin alwayzjjlover

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PostSubject: [TRANS] 110303 3HREE VOICES Staff Account 2   Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:11 pm

[TRANS] 110303 3HREE VOICES Staff Account 2

"Why am
i here!?"

The plan for this project is to draw out the
thoughts an characteristics of each of them in Tokyo… But when you
combine the scattered 3 characters, you will form a powerful unit… it's
JYJ! They are already climbing up to a higher stage. That's why they are
still not satisfied with themselves, but are working even harder to
show their fans a perfect image of themselves once again. Let's show
them that image.

They are already looking at their future. They
are no longer thinking about their past.
Let's walk together with

By the way, the video message for fans

When I
met them on the 20th
While we were planning, their eyes shined, and I
can say that they are the one who want to do this the most

they found out that there's a conflict in Junsu's schedule, Jaejoong
"The 3 of us can't go to Tokyo together, what should we do?"
was worrying about the scenes of them together
Then the staff said
it can't be help, let's film separately"
Jaejoong immediately said
there's no meaning to it… if the 3 of us aren't together!"
I was
touched by his earnest. It's his seriousness. He wants to create a work
properly. He wants to show fans their real selves without any lies.
is the leader who pull everyone together.
I feel that Yoochun and
Junsu also puts all their trust on him.
Then I thought about it one
more them.
To them, lies are something that are intolerant.

the other day we filmed the scene with the 3 of them in a studio in
Sometime ago, there's a exciting fall call by a staff member
scene of 3 of them together
Junsu was being way too serious… the 3
of them were dancing and singing while sweating a lot…
Then Yoochun
cried out

"I want to perform!!!"

I think it must be a
bitter cry from them.
When I heard of that story, I couldn't stop my
Even when I'm writing this right now, I still can't stop my

Why am I here!!!
Why am I not in Seoul!!!

Even if
I resign from my company I must see them!!!

I want to see them

The staff said that
they are very cool
and that the
3 of them have very good relationship
When Junsu starts humming,
Jaejoong and Yoochun will also start singing with him in harmony
was told that it is just an amazing moment in life to witness something
like this
There's a chill running down my spine

I want to
quickly show this to their fans!!!

Source: JYJ Staff Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean.
One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost,
but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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[TRANS] 110303 3HREE VOICES Staff Account 2
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