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 [TRANS] 110303 3HREE VOICES Staff Account 1

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PostSubject: [TRANS] 110303 3HREE VOICES Staff Account 1   Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:10 pm

[TRANS] 110303
3HREE VOICES Staff Account 1

went to Seoul to see them"

Since I wanted to continue a work
that had previously been based on location in Korea, I came to Korea to
see them the other day

Since I originally didn't participate in
this project, this time I joined with the name "Hayato".
This work is
produced by people with pure and kind hearts for the sake of them and
their fans.
In other words, this production does not involve the
people who had been used as some kind of trading stocks until now. (T/N:
aka the staff this time is brand new and they don't aim to use this
production as a form of gaining money, but it is just simply something
dedicated for JYJ and their fans)

Then, the proposal is:
give their fans who have been worried up until now a relief mind. To not
be burdened by the past and show them a JYJ who is facing forward the
future. Moreover, to make it a work that you can have your fans
participate along with you. However, it won't contain any scenario or
scripts, let's convey only the truth and reality…
Then Jaejoong asked
"We can't speak Korean then?"
I told him, since there would
be a lot of Korean fans who will be watching it, we will provide
subtitles, so it doesn't matter what language they will speak; and the
most important thing is just to convey your true feelings. If you want
to convey your feelings in Japanese then speak Japanese, if you want to
speak Korean then speak Korea…
Then I told them, for the sake of
their fans, let's show them that we're doing our best. Let's give them a
relief mind and convey to them the thought that the next time you
appear in front of them, you will show them a JYJ who has become more
matured and complete.

Then, the following story is about my
visit with them.

I flew to Seoul after my tough 10 days working
without rest in Jakarta (on 2/19).

In order to meet Jaejoong and
Yoochun and Junsu

I endured my lack of sleep while creating 2 TVC
works in Jakarta. Then in order to catch my early flight at Haneda, I
slept for an hour and headed to the airport.

I slept a bit on the
plane, and when I reached my hotel I slept for another hour then headed
to the theater to watch Junsu's musical "Tears of Heaven"




(from here, he suddenly switched to present tense)

are already too many people there. I know that there are Japanese
people there, but I couldn't tell them apart.

I was so worried
that… I would fall asleep.

But after the curtain was up, I didn't
fall asleep even once.

Or to be more exact, I was crying all the

Watching Joon and Linh's tragic love story and enjoying
the best time with the two of them, I couldn't stop my tears from

Since I'm a guy I don't have a handkerchief, and I keep
on wiping my tears

Junsu's singing ability is flawless!!! His
acting is also flawless!!! The supporting actors are also amazing!!! The
script and the setting are also amazing
But his heartrending voice
is still the best

He already receives a lot of praises in Korea,
and it seems like there are deals coming from the US too

There's a
difference between being popular and being able to stand on different
stages in the world

They are truly "The Professional"!!!

it ended, I naturally stood up… I stood up unconsciously and clapped my
hand… I conveyed my praises and feelings to them

During curtain
call Junsu went to greet someone at the front seat… Yoochun's mother
also came… so maybe he came to greet her?

Sunday, the next day
went to meet them at their company… for my second goal this time
passed by the reception area and there is a big picture of them.

is already there and we exchange greetings… He was a bit surprised from
the sudden Japanese greetings, but he responded very warmly. Such a
beautiful face.

Then, Junsu
I waved his hands first
"I went
to your performance yesterday"
"Eh! You went to watch it!?"
couldn't stop my tears, it was amazing"
Then he beamed happily like a
"The story was also good, wasn't it? But do you understand?"
read English subtitles so I can at least understand the storyline"

Yoochun who came a little late
He's more handsome than I thought…
His face also gives me good impression… He has a charm that can't be
expressed in words

※ The following is our conversation in the
next hour

They listened to my talk carefully while nodding. And
after received my encouragement, the atmosphere started to heat up with
their thoughts and ideas.
This time, I think my goal has been
completed 100%

I told them
"I want to convey the your fans the
true words without any lies. I want them to know about you guys even
from watching you guys from afar. Let's walk together with your fans."

when I'm writing this, I still remember their shining eyes at that

When we were about to take a picture, the 3 of them stood
on my left.
Then Junsu suddenly pushed me into the space between him
& Jaejoong.

I thought of the 3 of them as cute puppies who
are very innocent and playful…

On the 23th, I waited for Jaejoong
& Yoochun at their hotel, but because their flight was delayed due
to thick fog, I was able to see them 2.5 hours late. Since their flight
was delayed, we couldn't go ahead and film as planned, but I'm glad that
the fans were happy when they saw them the next day. I'm proud to say
that Japanese fans have very good manners.

I would be happy if
you fans are happy at the message video that we're creating
To me,
it's a kind of happiness that can't be bought by money


Source: JYJ Staff Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean.
One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost,
but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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[TRANS] 110303 3HREE VOICES Staff Account 1
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