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 [TRANS] 110130 TOHOSHINKI MC during SM Town, Jan 25

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Admin alwayzjjlover
Admin alwayzjjlover

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PostSubject: [TRANS] 110130 TOHOSHINKI MC during SM Town, Jan 25   Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:15 pm

[TRANS] 110130
TOHOSHINKI MC during SM Town, Jan 25

Credits: dragonfruitsking

part from 0:08 – 4:35)
Yunho: Everyone, good evening!
Yunho &
Changmin: We are Tohoshinki!
Y: Everyone, were you OK?
Y: Are
you OK?
Y: We really wanted to meet you. This is Yunho. Yes, we are
so happy that we can really stand on stage in Japan, and to stand on
stage of SM Town Tokyo live!
C: Everyone, good evening, this is
C: Everyone, are you enjoying yourselves?
C: Are you
really enjoying yourselves?
C: Today is the live in Japan that we
have looked forward to so much, and I was a little bit nervous. But,
hearing your cheers, I was relieved. Thank you so much.
Y: Thank you
very much!
Y: It took such a long time to start, but Tohoshinki will
work hard for our Japanese activities, so please support us!
Please support us!
C: Yes, so, umm, I would like to talk about our
Y: Yes
C: Tomorrow, many should know
Y: Yes
Y: Tomorrow
C: Tohoshinki’s new single “Why (Keep Your
Head Down)” will at last be released!
C: Well, we are not standing on
stage to promote the single,
Y: Yes. It is really by chance.
Just by chance…. It is embarrassing to say it by ourselves, but
everyone, please hear our album many times.
C: Please hear it many
Y: Yes
C: The song “Why”, it will be the first time to sing
it on a live stage in Japanese.
Y: Yes, it is our first time.
Please hear it many times.
Y: Everyone, let’s liven up the SM Town
Tokyo together with Tohoshinki!
C: Yes, this is a live stage in Japan
after such a long time, so we would like to talk about many things,
but, there is a flow of time in live concerts…
Y: Yes, there is.
We are sorry, but…
C: We should proceed with the program. In a few
more hours, the football game between Korea and Japan will be held. I
have to watch that!
Y: (lol)
C: There will be more stages in
Japan, so everyone, please look forward to them.
C: So, we would like
to go on to the next song…
Y: Oh, I understand, I understand. We
want to talk more, but
C: This is not our own live concert. (T/N:
not 100% sure of his words)
Y: Yes
C: We want to go on to the next
song. This wonderful and lovely ballad is included in our Korean album.
Please hear the song. “Mitgi silheun iyagi”

Source: dragonfruitsking @ youtube
smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red
Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to
repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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[TRANS] 110130 TOHOSHINKI MC during SM Town, Jan 25
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