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 [TRANS] 110106 JYJ “The Day Will Come When 5 Of Us Reunite”, “The 3 Of Us Are So Into Music That Our Past Girlfriends Could Not Tolerate It”

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PostSubject: [TRANS] 110106 JYJ “The Day Will Come When 5 Of Us Reunite”, “The 3 Of Us Are So Into Music That Our Past Girlfriends Could Not Tolerate It”   Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:49 pm

[TRANS] 110106 JYJ
“The Day Will Come When 5 Of Us Reunite”, “The 3 Of Us Are So Into Music
That Our Past Girlfriends Could Not Tolerate It”


JYJ’s Junsu, Yoochun and Jae Joong and TVXQ’s Yunho and
Changmin may be taking different routes from here on, but their desire
for the 5 of them to reunite as TVXQ is the same as their fans.

is so for JYJ, and the other 2 of TVXQ seem to have the same thinking.
In the interview below, JYJ shares about how they view the possibility
of the 5 of them reuniting,

[It hasn’t been easy with the
ongoing lawsuit with SM, how is everyone feeling?]

Ever since
we made that decision to leave our previous management company, SM
Entertainment, we’ve already prepared ourselves mentally, and that’s how
we are able to hold on till now. Even though we do feel tired at times,
we still believe that everything would be resolved successfully one
day, and we’ve always kept that in mind.

[What’s the
possibility of the TVXQ’s duo and the three of you reuniting?]

don’t look very hopeful with the present situation, but we believe that
the day will eventually and certainly arrive. The time we spent
together (as 5) wasn’t just 1 or 2 years, but we went through some of
the most tiring, most painful, and most passionate times, and we’ve
always been walking and progressing towards the same direction. For the
five of us who have always been holding on to the same dream, there will
definitely be a day when the five of us will stand together (on stage)
again. We also hope to present ourselves like that towards our fans, but
according to the current situation, we do not know yet how things will
turn out.

[Can you share if you’ve had any regrets about
splitting up at the peak of your career? How do you measure your success
in Japan?]

As compared to describing that period as a time
where we were worth most as entertainers, we prefer to refer to it as
the heyday of our Tokyo Dome Concert performance. Of course there were
moments when we were unable to reconcile with, but because we made that
decision, prepared to face the possibility of not being able to stand on
stage and not being able to be a singer, instead of saying that it was a
pity, it would be better to say that it was regret. When we first debut
in Japan, we did not have much opportunities to carry out promotions in
Tokyo, but we went to all of the different television stations outside
of Tokyo. Right now, seeing how our juniors are able to debut in Japan
amidst the media’s and audience’s attention is indeed no small
achievement. If we were to say that BoA brought us the hope and
possibility of breaking into the Japan market, then we are the people
who helped to clear the obstacles so that our juniors are able to debut
in Japan in a much better situation and circumstance, and that alone is
very pleasing to us.

[After leaving SM, have you contacted the
TVXQ’s duo?]

We’ve tried, but we are unable to contact them.
We have our personal agendas, but it is also a fact that we have been
together for not just 1 or 2 years; we do not have any misunderstanding
towards them, and even when we are apart, we know and understand each
other’s real intentions. We hope to see the both of them successful and
we also hope to see more of their excellent performances. However, we
are also struggling with them coming back under the name of TVXQ,
because we are also TVXQ.

[What are your goals and hopes for

Our main aim is to complete JYJ’s promotional
activities for our international album in America, as well as to put up
cool performances for our world tour beginning in March. We also hope
that the music and essays from our hearts, which we are releasing this
month will be loved and accepted by everyone. It’s the year of the
Rabbit, and we hope we can achieve more in terms of JYJ’s activities,
and we also hope to meet the fans more freely on stage.

kind of lover do you go for?]

(Jae Joong) I’ve mentioned a
lot of times that it’s someone with pretty hands and feet. To me, I
prefer those hands that are pretty even though it may look normal, the
type that would make the girl look prettier when she puts her hands on
her face. It is said that summer is a season which causes one to develop
interest in other people, because you can see if the feet are pretty or
not. To add on, health is also something that is very important.

I’m the type to fall at first sight, so that’s not really a certain
type that I go for. She may be cute, straightforward, someone with a
bright personality, or someone who works hard to excel in her work. I’ve
said before that amongst the artistes, Kim Jung Eun and Han Ye Seul are
not bad.

(Yoochun) I don’t really have a particular type. Kim
Tae Hee used to be the type I liked in the past, and I was really happy
when there was an article stating that she had been watching
“SungKyunKwan & Scandal”, which I starred in, and it spurred me to
want to improve on my acting. Recently, in actual fact, I’ve not
formally introduced any of my girlfriends to my mother before, so if I
were to date, I would definitely introduce her to my mother first, and I
hope to have a virtuous girlfriend whom my parents would like.

there any sad love experiences?]

Compared to being sad,
everyone knows that we don’t always stay in Korea, but we travel to and
fro between Japan and Korea, amongst other Asian countries, and our
schedules are extremely hectic. We are very passionate towards our music
and most of our girlfriends find it unacceptable. We are also unable to
play the role of a normal boyfriend to prepare for all sorts of
anniversaries, and it’s impractical to have weekly dates. As such, our
girlfriends would sometimes feel that we are neglecting them, and at
time they would also feel unhappy. In actual fact, there are too many
issues to pay attention even before the start of the relationship so
it’s almost impossible to date for a long period of time.

role in “SungKyunKwan & Scandal” has shown everyone his acting

(Yoochun) No matter what, this was something that
let me realized the existence of other possibilities, and it allowed me
to attain a dream work. It’s very fortunate; before I was so nervous not
knowing if I could do it well, but after having met the crew and other
actors, I realized that I could actually continue filming while enjoying
the entire process. I’m still considering my next work, but at the
moment, JYJ takes priority, but if any other good work appears I would
definitely want to take up the challenge.

[I was elated after
receiving the Best Newcomer Award.]

(Yoochun) I was so
shocked I didn’t even know what to say and who to thank, so I didn’t say
much during my speech after receiving the award. There were a lot of
hardworking crew giving their best for the television drama and even
though I am not able to thank them personally and individually, I’m
really grateful to the casting crew, film crew, lighting crew, make-up
crew as well as all the other crew members. It was because of them that I
could successfully portray the character of Lee Seon Jun, complete the
entire drama and receive the audience’s love and appreciation.

Source: TVDaily + baiduTVXQ
kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World.
One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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[TRANS] 110106 JYJ “The Day Will Come When 5 Of Us Reunite”, “The 3 Of Us Are So Into Music That Our Past Girlfriends Could Not Tolerate It”
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