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 [TRANS] 101026 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' Infecting Women with the 'SeonJun Disease'

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Admin alwayzjjlover
Admin alwayzjjlover

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PostSubject: [TRANS] 101026 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' Infecting Women with the 'SeonJun Disease'   Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:02 am

[TRANS] 101026 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' Infecting Women with the 'SeonJun Disease'

All the female citizens of the nation are now getting infected with the 'SeonJun Disease.' His debut in the drama draws favorable reviews; both an excellent singer and actor, he is Park YooChun.

Park YooChun, in KBS 2TV's "SungKyunKwan Scandal" (aired every Monday and Tuesday), made the transition from the Micky YooChun in the well-known boy group TVXQ to an actor. He shows up in front of people with steady acting skills. Park YooChun has set a good example for other stars who are heading into the drama industry.

No matter how popular they are, idols who want to become actors have to face to the audience and have their their acting skills put to the test.. It is because of their popularity and concern from fans that people are focusing more on their acting. The moment the production team announced the lead of the drama, Hallyu star Park YooChun became the focus of every field.

After the first episode of "SungKyunKwan Scandal" aired on 30th August this year, most of the feedback were better than expected.

With every broadcast, there were both positive and negative comments regarding Park YooChun. However, Park Yoochun takes them all as his motivation in becoming a actor and moving forward step by step. Pressure accumulates when expectation grows; from the first episode's release, his acting is becoming more and more natural, and he is slowly enjoying the fun of acting. This results in the formula 'Park YooChun = Lee SeonJun'.

Park YooChun once said, "I owe my status as an actor in this industry to the other stars of the show and the production team of 'SungKyunKwan Scandal'" which shows his humility. With activities as both a singer and an actor, YooChun recently delayed the filming due to overseas performances. To make it up to the team, he prepared food and hot coffee which warmed the whole atmosphere.

The chief producer of 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' Kwak KiWon commented, "He normally gets high opinions for his sincere attitude as a novice. It's hard to concentrate when one has just entered the acting industry." The representative of Raemong Raein, the production company for 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal,' Kim DongRae said, "I feel appreciative seeing his acting skills which are beyond expectations. He will become a strong actor."

Source: Joynews + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: zoe91 @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: tvxqhwaiting and sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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[TRANS] 101026 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' Infecting Women with the 'SeonJun Disease'
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